So this is me…

I live in Miami with my kitesurfing husband, a beautiful Golden Retreiver (who happened to show up at our door one day) and three orange cats. I grew up in an idyllic town in the San Francisco Bay Area. My mom is an artist and my dad is an engineer. Apparently, that equals an actress with a computer science degree. Go figure.

I began acting at the age of 10 and continued through college at San Francisco State. My first professional acting gig was in 1995 in the film “Two Much” with Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith. I took a job as an extra, was upgraded on set to Melanie’s stand-in and then upgraded again to a speaking role as a university student opposite Antonio.

However, my brainy side was not yet ready to settle into a life of acting. I took time off to complete my computer science degree and helped my husband transition his family’s art supply store into a full-fledged web store. It’s really cool – you should check it out: Once that was completed, though the acting bug kicked back in.

I was finally able to commit fully to acting in 2007 and hit the ground running. Funny thing is, all the brainy, real-world stuff I learned really helps in this thing they call show business.

I jumped back into classes and improv and started shooting films and commercials. I also starred in the sitcom “Miami Life” as Jules Gilles. I do voiceover work and have performed with the improv comedy troupes “Just The Funny,” “Jiggles and Giggles” and “Cage-Free Humans: Organic Free Range Improv,” Miami’s first Harold team.

I am currently the director of Improv South Miami, an indie improv theater in, you guessed it, South Miami and I teach two improv classes per month.

I look forward to continuing my work in the ever evolving Miami film, television and improv communities, as well as traveling for fun jobs here and there.