So this is me…

I left the affluent suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area at 22 and landed in the affluent suburbs of Miami, where I still reside. My mom is a social worker, turned artist and my dad is a civil engineer. I ended up with my mom’s penchant for open, honest communication and my dad’s need to make concrete sense of the world.

I adore solving problems. I have a degree in computer science and still do web development. In fact, I created this site! My specialty is figuring out how to make something work in the most user-friendly way. Whenever a client calls me up and asks me if something can be done, my answer is always, “Most likely yes. We’ll just have to find out how.”

I use this same approach on set, whether acting or producing. Throw me a problem and I’ll happily find a solution. I also won’t give up until I do. I’m a bit of a pitbull in that regard.

I studied theater and dance at San Francisco State University for two and a half years, but took a break from school to travel to Europe and finally to Miami, where I fell in love with the warm, tropical weather and met my future husband.

My first film credit came at the age of 24 in the film Two Much with Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith and Daryl Hannah. It was my first film job ever. I had signed up as an extra and when Melanie Griffith’s stand-in flaked and didn’t show up, they hired me because I had Melanie’s coloring and took direction well. I ended up working on that set for two months and when they needed a college student they Taft-Hartleyed me on the spot! Talk about beginners luck. But working as an actor in Miami in the 90s wasn’t really realistic, so I got my computer science degree and devoted the next decade to helping my husband transition his family business online.

In 2007 we moved our office across from an improv theater and on a whim I auditioned and got onto the cast. I spent the next 8 years training my butt off in improv, learning short form at first, then long form through an intensive with iO Chicago. We formed a Herald team out of that intensive called Cage-Free Humans and performed together for two years. I’ve trained with some of the improv greats, including Charna Halpern, Tara DeFrancisco, David Razowsky (still my favorite teacher) and TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi.

Film is still my favorite medium. I’ve shot several shorts including the Killer Content produced SuperMarket, Bloody Easter Sunday, and The Treasure Hunter and produced The Position and the upcoming Suddenly The Sky. I’ve also appeared in commercials including for Winn Dixie, Shell, FPL, Minute Maid and Sun Drop Citrus Soda.

I play an excellent know-it-all and am really good at conveying exuberance, or on the flip side, pure frustration and exasperation. I look forward to being the nosy neighbor, supportive doctor, miffed wife or unexpectedly party-crazed office-mate for the foreseeable future.