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The Postion Indiegogo Campaign Comes to a Close

By August 4, 2013Film, Indiegogo, News, Uncategorized

It’s done! 40 days of campaigning has come to a close. Our amazing friends, family and fellow filmmakers contributed a whopping $2105 toward our film. We didn’t raise the full $5000 we had set as our goal, but we did have several people who gave outside of the indiegogo, bringing our budget to a little over $3000, which is amazing. We’re well on our way to making an outstanding piece of film.

The team we’ve put together is a dream team and more and more incredibly talented and FUN people are coming on board every day. This project is picking up a life of its own. From the very beginning, we have felt that this film just wants to be made and we are encountering more and more help coming from all sorts of places. So a HUGE thanks to our supporters for making this all possible!

We’ll keep you updated on our goings on. Our shoot date is scheduled for August 25th. Right now we’re pulling together all of the necessary pieces: film equipment, location, make-up (the amazing Melissa Ann Hubicsak – yay!), contracts, insurance, the works. Everything seems to be falling into place.

I’ve added a page on my blog to accept further contributions:, so if you know of anyone who wanted to contribute, but missed out, send them on over!

Again, thank you for all the watching, sharing and giving. You all rock!

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